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Our Dog Shelter – How to adopt?


Because we want every soul in our care to find a loving family, we invite you to visit our Temporary Animal Care Center in Codlea, str. Hălchiului nr. 101, Brașov county, from Monday to Sunday between 10AM and 2PM. Maybe your best friend is here with us!

Your friend will leave our shelter with a rabies vaccination, microchip, dewormed and spayed and all adoptions are free of charge!


In order to adopt a dog from our shelter, you have to bring the following documents:

  • Identity card
  • A document attesting that you own a space where you can keep the dog 
  • A document attesting that you have a regular income with which you can provide for the dog 

By following this procedure, you show us that you are a responsible owner and that you can fulfill the dog`s needs so that it can have a wonderful life together with you!