About Us

More About Our Association:


Our association, D.P.M.P.A., was founded in 2011 by a number of 10 members and at present we have 12 associated members.

The name was approved by the Ministry of Justice by the Proof of Company Name Availability no.  94608/11.02.2011 and the association formed a quorum since 23.05.2011 according to the final court decision from the Brasov County Court of Justice no. 13098/197/2011 (page 1 page 2 page 3).

The association was registered at the Brasov County Court of Justice in the Registry for Associations and Foundations with the entry no. 72/02.06.2011.

Our association’s sign was approved by art. no. 4 of our Articles of Association by the final court decision no. 13098/197/2011 (page 1 page 2).

The association’s purpose, as stated and approved in art. no. 3 of our Articles of Association, is:

1.The monitoring and protection of animals as stipulated in the laws in force and  other legislative measures from local authorities.

2.Management of the stray dog population as stipulated in the laws in force and the veterinary legislation.

President of the Association – Dr. Filip Ilie Alin

General Manager of the Association – Mr. Bărbulescu Flavius Dumitru